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Self Care Is Not Lazy

Self-care is such a buzzed about word. It’s not hard to find easy ways to take care of yourself, but I want to talk about the labels other people put on self-care. For example, there are some people who think self-care is lazy. I want to go through the three main things that I hear from other people about how self-care is wrong, with an extra side piece that doesn’t necessarily fit into the main problems but is a problem as well.

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How to Work on that Feeling of Not Being Enough

There are too many of us who believe that we are not enough. It could be from things we were told, what we heard in passing, society’s influence, or just things about us in general. It wouldn’t be right for me to talk about creating boundaries, being authentic, and bettering your life on the inside, if I didn’t talk about how to work on the foundation. Without feeling like you’re enough, or having a sense of self-worth, the rest of it doesn’t make a big difference.

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No Emotion is Good or Bad

We’ve all been told at one point or another that girls shouldn’t get angry or be irritated. We’re told that the other person wasn’t trying to be mean, or that people came to see us and we should be happy about it. That always made me want to scream when I was younger! I don’t understand why people want to control others’ emotions. Why is it “bad” to feel any other emotions that isn’t happy? I’m tired of the “everything needs to be good, we can’t have anything bad” ideal. We should be able to feel however we feel.

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Being a Better Person Doesn't Mean You Have to be Less Introverted

Growing older means growing as a person. I don’t know if this topic came to mind because of New Year’s, or my birthday, or for other reasons, but most of us want to be better people. We try to do that as every year goes by or when we try new things. It also comes from constructive criticism in our lives. For example, when someone tells us we were insensitive or rude, we want to know so that we can change and grow. No one is ever completely done learning in life and we don’t purposely rub people the wrong way.

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The Art of Letting Stuff Go

Not everything is butterfly and rainbows.

Shit happens.

Relationships end, friends fight, people get fired...all of those situations suck, and we all tend to react differently. Whether it be crying, sleeping, exercising, lashing out or raging (who knows, maybe even all of those at the same time), it’s important to realize that when bad stuff happens, we need to let it flow through us.

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