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How to give great gifts

With gifts for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, and other occasions, how do you keep it all straight?  How do you know what to get? The overwhelm is real.

Gift-giving is not usually a skill that introverts need to be concerned with. But, I am awesome at it, not to brag, and I want to help you to be, too. So by the end of this episode, you will not only know how to give great gifts, but look forward to doing it!

So, how do you give a great gift?

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Video Marketing for Social Media

Today I am going to be talking to Ashley Kay of Ashley Kay Creative Marketing. Ashley Kay is a creative marketing consultant, business coach and service provider who focuses on helping women unleash their creative energy to build a passion-led business, and today she will be giving us introvert’s some insight on how to successfully use video for our business on social media.

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Hobbies We Love To Share

Have you ever had a thought that pops up over and over again; one that you can’t ignore?

That’s been happening to me lately. The other day, I was listening to the Twila & Natalie podcast, and they were talking about hobbies – ones they are proud of, and ones they were not-so-willing to admit! It made me realize that all of us have hobbies that we love, and sometimes they go beyond what people call “normal” activities. However, it doesn’t matter where our interests lie on the “embarrassing” spectrum. They are all special to us (and as I often say, who cares what those people think, anyway?).

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