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Taking The Scenic Route

Nothing in our lives is a straight line. There aren’t many decisions we make that will last a lifetime. Sometimes we choose for it to be like that, and other times we don’t have a choice in the matter due to responsibilities. I want to talk about taking the scenic route in life because there is always so much pressure around us. Eighteen may be the legal age to become an adult, but I honestly believe that we don’t become adults until we are 21 or 22. Making all of these hard life decisions so early and having to stick to them is a ridiculous idea. We should be able to enjoy every point in our life to some degree.

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When Sorry Isn't Enough

We all make mistakes. Some are big and some are small. Of course we should apologize whenever we make mistakes, but there are instances where “sorry” just isn’t enough. There are so many people that don’t know how to apologize the right way. We are automatically told, especially as little kids, to just say sorry all the time and it’s not that helpful when we don’t get shown why we need to.

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Every Little Thing Your Friends Say about You Adds Up

There are many different types of boundaries that you need to create in your life. We all know how we want to be treated and the truth is that we want to be treated well. There is one thing that doesn’t get talked about enough when it comes to boundaries though, and that is how we let people talk about us to other people. I’m mainly talking about how friends introduce you to others, if it’s not respectful or kind. For example, if they introduce you to other people as the difficult, picky, or bitchy friend. Sometimes our friends fight boundaries because they are new to them or are inconvenient.

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