3 Ways for Introverts to Embrace National Get Over It Day

Wow, there seems to be a national holiday for everything these days, but this one I’m particularly pleased with.


I’m talking about National Get Over It Day.



Now, you can take this so-called holiday in two ways.


You could take it in a snarky way like most of us, but the other way can give you a whole new perspective. I’m talking about actually using this holiday to check-in with yourself.


Has your inner voice been telling you to “get over something”? Maybe it’s a grudge or mistake you’ve held onto for too long, or maybe it’s a doubt or insecurity you want to heal from.


On a surprisingly not-just-snarky holiday like today, take some time to re-examine your life and relationships.


Is there anything that feels a bit off? Is there a weight on your shoulders you wish you could shake off?


When we need to “get over something”, it’s usually because we said YES to something we wanted to say NO to. #oops


Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.


We recently talked about how to get comfortable with saying “no” so learning to be okay with whatever follows seems like an intuitive next step.


That way, we can let go of the guilt, grudge, and any other doubts looming over us.


Dive right in with my 3 best tips on how to “get over it” today and every day...


Journal your heart out

Nothing helps you move past a situation like journaling. Are you still holding onto a bad argument from last month? Do you replay the scene over and over in your head?


Journaling helps you discover why it may still be bothering you. You give yourself the time and space to re-examine it from start to finish on the page, or to discover what really bothered you about it. It can also reveal if you need to talk about it with someone you trust or the person themselves.


As introverts, journaling feels like paradise so to take it a step further, try keeping a daily gratitude journal. Each morning (or evening for you night owls), write 3-5 things you are grateful for.


This is a simple way to let go of negativity and start (or end) your day on a positive note. Even on our worst days, there’s always something to be thankful for.


Also, try to not repeat the same moments, people, or possessions in your gratitude journal. It’ll stretch you to think more positively about your daily life while building your gratitude muscle.


If you’re looking for more guidance with journaling, I have some personalized journal prompts and exercises to help you do some soul-searching.


Create a list of positive affirmations

We all have days when we find ourselves in a bit of a funk. If you aren’t sure why, even after spending some time journaling, create a list of positive affirmations that you can routinely come back to.


Here are some of my personal affirmations:

  • I am, have always been, and will always be enough - for myself, my husband, my family, my friends, my customers, and my community.

  • I am worthy of success, prosperity, and the opportunities that come my way.

  • No one can do exactly what I do.

  • I am unashamed to speak my mind and let my voice be heard.

  • I honor authenticity, respect, vulnerability, and sarcastic humor. (Can I get an amen?)


Take some time today to create some of your own. You can write them down throughout the day or in one sitting.


To regularly remind yourself of these affirmations, you can:

  • create a graphic featuring one of your affirmations and set it as your desktop or mobile background

  • put them on post-it notes and scatter them across your living space so they can always be seen and remembered

  • create a unique piece of art based around these affirmations

  • write your affirmations in your daily planner or journal

  • … the sky's the limit!


Ditch the “can’t”s of your life

How many times have we told ourselves that we can’t do something?


Our mind quickly comes up with all sorts of reasons why not. Our excuses may tell us we don’t have the right education, skill set, natural born talent, or even physical appearance.

Then we talk ourselves into staying inside our comfort zones because it’s safe and predictable there, but the best parts of life are located right outside your comfort zone.


If you feel stuck at your current paygrade, or you feel like you were made to create something beyond your 9-5 job, get over any doubts and excuses by starting today. #toughlove


You CAN do it! Try building a side hustle that helps you earn some extra income, even if it’s just “fun money”. You could even start a full blown business. Whatever you do, focus on getting over the biggest roadblock today: starting.


Are you looking for more guidance (and accountability) in learning to confidently say “no”?

I’ve created an introvert-friendly 5 lesson free email course on how to get to your “no” by understanding your decision making process, digging into any people pleasing thoughts, and encouraging you to speak your mind.

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