3 Reasons Why To Let Go of Toxicity In Your Life

The art of letting go is not easily learned.


We all seem to hold onto more than we can handle. This can be everything from possessions to people to emotions. It’s in our DNA and reinforced by our society.  


You may not realize it, but maybe you’ve felt obligated to hold onto things that do nothing for you.


Maybe you’re holding onto an outfit because of who you used to be when you wore it, or maybe you can’t shake the friend who only wants to talk about themselves.


Even worse, you could be holding onto doubt or shame around being the only one in your group who can’t get pregnant, find a home in your budget, or secure a new job position in your desired field.


The first step is to knowing that you’re not alone in your struggle with “more”. Learning to say no and letting go of what no longer serves you takes time, but it’s worth your energy and focus.


All of that “more” can add unneeded toxicity to our life. Let’s dig into 3 BIG reasons why it’s time to let go and how to do so...


1. There is something better on the horizon


The main reason why we hold onto things is that we fear we’ll never find a replacement for it or don’t understand there’s an alternative to the way things are now.


You save every penny instead of allowing yourself to take a vacation, even though you can easily pay all of your bills and have a lot in savings. You stay in a one-sided relationship or friendship because you don’t know how to let go or if someone else will have the capacity to treat you better.


These thoughts keeps us in a perpetual cycle of “not enough”, which can even lead to us second-guessing our identity and believing we are not enough on our own. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


There are billions of people out there, ones who have an infinite amount of love to give. You have wide array of skills and potential that make you worth betting on.


Don’t let anyone tell you everything is scarce (except natural resources, but that’s a different story). Change is necessary. Nothing is set in stone. Choose yourself today and pull yourself out of the scarcity mindset.


2. Less can mean more


Raise your hand if you’ve gotten trapped in the numbers? I’m raising my hand too. Somehow, we’re told that having more friends, spending money, and toys will helps us feel successful. Then the slippery slope of worthiness appears and we struggle to define what’s really important.


Intentionally taking on less can be more fulfilling than “more”.


What’s the point in having thousands of followers or hundreds of acquaintances if you can’t count on someone to help in an emergency?


Quality is more important than quantity, especially in relationships. I talk about this a lot in my course, How to Live with (or Lose) Toxic People . I feel more appreciated and valued with the 5 close friends I have now than the 30 I had in high school.


Also, let’s ask ourselves whether we really need “more” or if it’s just available to us?


My husband and I recently asked ourselves this in the home buying process. We realized that we could invest in a much bigger house, but decided we’d rather have more land because we wanted ample space and privacy around us. It’s all about defining priorities and letting go of any expectations, whether they are internal or external.


We chose the house based on what we’re building toward: our own businesses, fun hobbies, and more dogs. Oh, and an aviary space for me too, which I’m extra excited about! With freedom as my top priority, this house hit on that.


When is the last time you intentionally chose to take on less? Often this leads to a special kind of abundance that we can’t even plan. Ahh, bliss.


3. You deserve better


Why do we settle for less than we deserve? It’s often because we don’t realize just how much is waiting for us on the opposite side of toxicity.


You deserve to be surrounded by people who are happy to be around you and honor your presence. These are the people who put away their phones when you’re having a heart-to-heart and don’t reschedule on you 5 times in a row.


You deserve to follow your passions and create a life and business you deeply care about. It doesn’t matter what anyone deems as “normal” or “realistic”. You get to define this for yourself. I’m cheering you on along the way!


You deserve to stand by your decisions without being criticized by those around you. We all deserve to be happy and secure in who and what we surround ourselves with. What follows is mutual respect, love, and a whole lot of peace.


What is one way that you’re letting go of toxicity this week? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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