I am a proud introvert.

Chilling at home with my hubby and dog reading is my ideal Friday night. Intimate moments with my friends and family are my jam. You may not see in in my pictures, social media, or blog. Speaking my mind and standing my ground have always been a part of my life. But it can be weeks for people to see or hear from me. I don’t share too much of my life and I love my privacy.

My fur-baby Enzo

My fur-baby Enzo

But I have always been an advocate for acceptance and being who you are; however that manifests. If it truly doesn’t harm anyone, do what you will. So I never push people to do something that is completely out of their comfort zone. But to push their boundaries some until it becomes natural, then to push farther.

I don’t advocate being a push-over either. With all these loud people everywhere trying to tell you what to do and how to live. Without taking into account personality or desire. I sure as hell won’t tell you to go to a huge networking event if you want to make some business friends. That sound absolutely horrifying to me.

But being a homebody can not be good your health. You let relationships slide a lot. Sitting on your butt on the computer too long. I know some of y’all don’t see the sun very often. We, as humans, have some very basic things we need.

  • Companionship
  • Nature
  • Exercise
  • Fun

Yeah, there are other basic needs out there. But I am talking about the ones that make you feel like you are truly living life. The things that make your everyday exciting. Introversion doesn’t mean you have to a recluse. There are things in the world that we can do that fit our preferences. Pushing yourself doesn’t mean you have to go extreme extrovert to get anywhere.

I’ve always wanted to help people, but always felt that meant standing on a stage speaking to thousands of people or being some kind of coach. But I finally figured out that helping one person or thing at a time can make a world of difference.

What I hope to give is ideas and inspiration for you to believe in yourself. To push yourself to be and feel better, inside and out. Posts that get you thinking or wanting to try something new.

Also fun things to try out that you never thought of. Or in different ways. I do love showing how different people do the same thing differently.

Or some clothes that make you feel bright yet comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Something that shows your personality without feeling so exposed.

Or downloadables (and email course) to help you straighten out you life. From the relationships in your life to planning out that big scary dream.