Own your Life. Write your adventure.

Take time alone. Nap. Journal. Netflix and chill. Whatever. But do it the way you need to. Get true rest, not just zone out.

Then get out in the world. Have fun. Volunteer. Try new things. See what fulfills you. And don't just head to the same place with the same people every time.

Say yes to that invite to something you've never done. It's perfectly fine to not like it in the end. Now you know from experience, not fear.

Have deep discussions. Don't always go with the crowd. Hell, go by yourself. Have only your thoughts and opinions.

How do you want to feel more often than not in your life?

Mine goes like:






Are you tired of everything being about money? Everything always being a means to an end? I know I am. I love reading all the blogs, tweets, and watching scopes and webinars just as much as the next person. Its a dream to make a living from something you love to do. And I hope anyone who wants it gets the chance to try.

But is that all to life?

I don't think so; for you or for me. I also want to fill my time reading, coloring, taking pictures, hiking, cuddling with my dog, writing, and a hundred other things. Just because I enjoy doing them. And that we should be allowed to do so. That you can have more than one "love" in life.

I'm here to tell you that you can take back at least some of your time. Even if its only an hour a week. To expand your life. Grow more into yourself. Own your quirks.

No idea where to start? That's what I'm here for. Let me help you explore that crazy world out there.

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